David was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Pam was born in Guam, grew up in Hawaii, then moved to Florida in 1987.  We married in 2000. 

When Pam lost her job after a contract expired, and David's business closed due to the economy, we looked around and said "what's next?"  So we packed up our bags and bought a 50-acre farm in Southern Indiana.  ​Neither of us had ever lived on a farm, or in seasonal weather. There was no plan other than "let's buy a farm." 

This website chronicals the mostly funny, and sometimes sad, journey that led us to the unexpected world of animal advocacy. 

​Norris Farm Sanctuary is home to Senior Paws Rescue, a "retirement home" for rescued senior dogs, and a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  There are also over 80 other residents on Norris Farm, including horses, pigs, goats, cats, chickens, and Guinea Hens.   

​Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoy our story​!
Pam's Story
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